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Embodied speaking supports women to access spaciousness in their bodies.

To learn the art of listening to what wants to be said and start to practice softening

the barriers that keeps us held back from connecting to what truly wants to be expressed.

Embodied presence is a deep connection to the wisdom of our body

and the ownership of our inner power






From the time we are babies we are full of embodied expression.

Its the start of our relationship to speaking.

We use our bodies to speak and our voices to make sounds.


Our caretakers learn to listen to the body language of the child and what each sound means.

Over time we develop a second language using words to communicate. I’ve personally always been fascinated by the power of listening to peoples body language.


Over time, our body language and the words we use becomes disconnected from each other,

due to hurtful experiences we collect along the way.

We learn to ignore our bodies knowing and develop coping strategies instead,

which makes us spend way to much time up in the heads.


Have you ever been in a situation where someone’s speaking

and the words spoken don’t match the persons presence?

That’s because your body knows…



Embodied speaking offers a uniquely profound combination of modalities to support women feeling connected to their bodies, which is the birthing place of our voice.

You'll get to explore singing, movement, art, meditation and therapeutic group embodied tools

weaved in together so when you practise speaking up you are able to include

and welcome more of your authentic expression.


about freer

Freer Bonne is the founder of Embodied Speaking.

She delivers a unique embodied training and uplifting events.

Offering women devoted to there personal growth journey in business and purpose based organisations the confidence to become empowered speakers, by leading the way and creating transformational changes in the world. 

She believes that each of us has a unique creative essence that flourishes when our nervous system is provided with deep safety and connection.


Freer is a transformational speaker, artist, designer and a embodied art therapist.
 She enjoys creating beauty and witnessing the endless gifts and potential

that lives inside each human being. Freer guides individuals and groups to connect with there deepest wisdom, by building trust and intimacy

which allows for freedom of expression, confidence and magnetism.


Freer is delighted to be offering women this incredible body of work.

A space where all women come together to be honoured in a way that is authentic, transformational and empowering.

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